Subtle Like a Bat'Leth To The Face

now with 2o% more historical accuracy

Captain LeBubbles, Space Pirate
23 January 1989
Hey I'm Theo, I used to be on here a lot but then I went away and now I'm back.

If you knew me before I left you knew me as a girl; in the three and a half years I was away I realized I was a trans boy so now I'm Theo and a lot of things make a lot more sense to me. You can still call me Bubbles if you want to, though, or you can call me Pirate or Theo or even Hey You idgaf as long as you don't mean it maliciously and get my pronouns right.

I mostly use this place for my more coherent thoughts, longer meta, and more structured posts; for chatter and shitposting you can check me out on Tumblr, my url over there is wyomingsmustache.

I also use this place to do some worldbuilding for my original work.

Current fandoms: RvB, Camp Camp, Discworld
Current original work: Brolly Mage

If you want to drop in and chat feel free to, I'd love to have more people on LJ to talk to.