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Intro Post

  This was originally a fic index, but it was horribly out of date and I knew it was never, ever going to get updated. So now it's an intro post! I'd have just deleted it but there are comments and I can't bear to delete conversations, ever. So, use this space to introduce yourself. Let me know why you're here, how you found me, what in particular made you decide to friend/watch me. You know, that sort of thing. Or, if you have any questions or just want to chat, well, that works too.

I was thinking about Coupling and how I might rewrite it to keep all the things that charm me about it while making the gross icky parts less gross and icky, and I realized that ninety percent of the changes would pertain to the handling of Jane and Jeff’s backstories.

Because Jane was a bisexual woman repeatedly being told that she wasn’t, was obviously suffering from depression, and was very clearly desperate for meaningful companionship (it should be noted that after bonding with Sally and Susan, and to a lesser degree the boys, she loosened her hold on Steve), and Jeff was an abuse victim whose mother had so badly twisted him that his concept of appropriate behavior was vastly skewed, and all of this was clearly dismissed by friends who, while obviously disturbed by his history, tended to write this history off as just Jeff being mad.

Both of them deserved so much better than the treatment they got, and honestly I would love to see them handled better.

Jan. 20th, 2017

Today's tiny accomplishment that I feel shows great improvement: did one (1) whole sit up without my feet stuck under my dresser and they only came up a teeny bit off the ground. \o/

In other news, I've been having bad head days again. It's always really easy, when I'm feeling good, to pretend that the bad head days are gone, but of course they always come back, lurking in the back of my mind to tell me all the reasons I'm worthless.

Did my workouts and drank my water and ate my sportscandy anyway, because fuck you bad head days.
In a continuation of Project Theo, I've decided to learn ASL, because not only will it be useful in general, it'll look good on future resumes, and give me something to do with my hands when I've got that itch burning under my skin and no viable outlet for it.

(Project Theo is not just about physical improvement but also improving in any other ways that strike my fancy.)

Jan. 7th, 2017

I add a new stretch to my routine every day. I didn't start out doing this intentionally, I just kept thinking of new ones I wanted to try.

The current routine is push into each stretch until I can feel it, then hold it for a ten count. The idea is to gradually get to the point where I can go farther (and longer) until I'm as flexible as I want to be. My soft goal for the end of the year is a split- I've always wanted to be able to do a split, but never felt like putting in the time to learn- I'm a very instant gratification kind of guy and this is something that takes time and effort. But I figure as long as I'm doing this, I might as well make it a thing I try to do.

Pushups are still hard. I'm not really trying to up the ante with those yet, since I can still barely do the ten I've decided to set as my starting point and half the time struggle to get through all of them in one go. But, again, this is one of those 'it takes time' things; it's not like I was expecting to just jump into one-armed pushups the first week.

(Though I did just drop and try them, just to see- I can hold myself up with my right arm, but I can't start lowering. My left arm is a pansy and dropped me immediately.)
Just to get things in writing

  • One fresh fruit or vegetable a day (try to eat the whole thing)

  • One glass of water a day (preferably in the morning but any time is fine)

  • Stretches after waking and before going to bed

  • Pushups before bed (try to keep a consistent schedule for these)

I'll update the checklist as more things become realities but this is just the beginning.

(The mental version of the plan doesn't have a checklist, it's mostly just trying to stay positive by avoiding drama and not seeking out negativity. That's harder to quantify as a checklist.)
Also, "Sportacus would be proud of how much I've managed" and "Sportacus would be proud even when I failed, because I tried" are two of the most inspirational thoughts I've ever had.

Dec. 21st, 2016

I made a joke last night about how I love Magnús Scheving (creator of LazyTown, and the actor who plays Sportacus) with all my heart, but I realized this morning that it's completely true. I've been going through a really rough time lately, both emotionally and just meatspace stress in general (holiday season, and I work in retail) and watching LazyTown and enjoying all the bts stuff I can find with Magnús and the others has been one of the only things able to keep my spirits up during it.

He's just a really good dude? There's jokes about not knowing where Magnús ends and Sportacus begins but jokes aside, he very much is the sort of person Sportacus encourages us to be, and that's not a bad thing. He's kind and friendly, he likes to have fun, and cares about people, he works hard and he has nothing but glowing praise for the people he works with. Watching him in things he's adorable, the way he just lights up with delight. He might be a little bit extra, what with all the sports tricks, but to be honest I know that if I could do that kind of stuff I'd never stop either.

He's even given me the last bit of inspiration I need to actually start taking an active role in trying to get stronger, rather than just waiting around for something to happen, though I'm putting it off till after the holiday season because there's some minor logistics I need to sort out and right now I'm just too tired.

Dec. 20th, 2016

I changed my Tumblr url to Sportabean, in case anyone had been thinking of looking me up.

I loved my old url, wyomingsmustache, and it's a wrench to change it, but I feel like it's time for a change, and anyway, wyomingsmustache is associated with too many things that hurt now. So I'm sportabean now. (It's a lazytown url.)

I've been thinking about Hope and Dark lately, and I've got this idea for the fourth arc that involves the third arc ending with Dark killing the big bad, because he can see (where Hope can't) that there's no reform for this guy, and that given the sheer number of people who have died/are going to die because of him, he also doesn't see that he deserves it.

But Hope is one of those "give everyone a chance" heroes, and never wanted to make the decision for anyone else, and can't grasp the whole idea of "sometimes it's you or them". I blame the fact that his first two villains got redemption arcs. It set a precedent.

Anyway, Dark kinda enjoys killing Kickstarter, he gets a thrill from it, and Hope can see this, so he gets angry, and there's some displacement and they argue and Hope ends up telling Dark the fuck off and don't come back. So Dark does, and the fourth arc is a recovery arc from the first three as the story shifts into a new arrangement.

At some point during the separation, Dark's original fire-based powers come back, so part of the arc is him learning to use his powers in conjunction with each other. This makes him one of only two characters to have more than two base powers, the other being Trinity, who has three but can only use one at once. (Everyone else has two and can combine them. Dark gets three, and expects to have the same limitation, except that he can combine his, and is very confused. Unfortunately the scientist studying the "outliers" is part of their group and he stubbornly refuses to be the one to go back to Hope. If Hope wants him back, he'll have to do the legwork himself.)

At the same time, serious talk is popping up on the news and in the media about these outliers and how dangerous they are and whether they should be allowed to continue, because no one in this verse has read comic books or something. Though some excellent points come up about how, sure, some of the outliers have been sure not to cause trouble, but some have gone out of their way to, and humanity is dependent on other outliers to prevent them from causing harm. In Amity it gets especially brutal because Claudia's research ended up drawing a lot of outliers, and Kickstarter's plot created more, so now a small rural town is basically crawling with heroes and villains, and while they were pretty chill with one each, dozens and dozens is more than they're prepared to deal with.
So one of the things that's really important to me with Hope and the Dark Destroyer is making it clear that with all of my villains, regardless of their motives and their backstories and no matter how sympathetic they are, all of them made the conscious decision that "it doesn't matter how many people get hurt, as long as I get what I want". Whether what they want is a chance to lash out, a need to feel powerful, material gain, or just wanting to cause pain, for all of them it was a conscious decision. They knew what they were doing.

And like. Sure, some of them were talked into it. But none of them were forced into it, and for the ones that get redemptions arcs (several, some for plot-relevant reasons and some just because of how the third arc-on villain works), it's always because they chose to change.

And this is really important to me.

(Have I told y'all about Hope/Dark?)


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