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Intro Post

  This was originally a fic index, but it was horribly out of date and I knew it was never, ever going to get updated. So now it's an intro post! I'd have just deleted it but there are comments and I can't bear to delete conversations, ever. So, use this space to introduce yourself. Let me know why you're here, how you found me, what in particular made you decide to friend/watch me. You know, that sort of thing. Or, if you have any questions or just want to chat, well, that works too.
So I think I might be revamping Shark Teens into something much bigger than it was intended. I don't know all the details yet, but I know I'm excited, and I know it may give me a chance to use Ichabod's pod, which means


Actual teenage sharks.

I'm so excited. Their names are Mako and Tiger, because Merrows (what Ichabod is) take names from the human language of their area if they're interacting with humans, and while Ichabod, who loves humans and spends a lot of time with them, took the time to find a name she liked the sound of, the rest of her pod tend to give them a miss apart from one boat they hang around, so they didn't bother and just let Ichabod name them. She gave them generic shark names because she was lazy. (Along with Tiger and Mako, her pod also has White and Nurse. A few others too but those are the significant ones.)

Some facts:

Merrow are also called weresharks and merfolk, and a variety of other colloquial names; Merrow is the name they chose to be applied to them in our language on an official basis. They are both social and solitary creatures, so while they live in pods numbering between one and two dozen adults, they tend to be very spread out over a large territory (think of a rural town- lots of families occupying land plots, but all of them together make a community). Young adult Merrow (late teens/early twenties; they age at more or less the same rate as humans for about the first thirty years of their lives) tend to move around and socialize more, which is why the Sharks are a group right now; as they get older, they'll start finding territories and possibly mates and settle somewhere specific. (Tiger and Mako are teens and White and Nurse are twenties).

Merrow have three forms: two "full" forms and one in-between form, so they can be human-shaped, shark-shaped, or have the 'mermaid' shape between the two. While the fish they most resemble is a shark, up close the differences are apparent and sharks would consider the resemblance to be in the uncanny valley (as, indeed, humans do with their human shape).

Merrow are warm-water creatures; they live around the equator and some way north and south where the currents are warmer. The Arctic and Antarctic circles are inhabited by 'Selkies', their fuzzy cousins. Selkies are very similar to Merrow in most ways, except that they have fur and so were mistaken by humans for seal-women. Culturally they're very different, though, and they're also far more social than their Merrow cousins. Selkies don't really figure into the story anywhere, I just like being thorough. (Actually most of this doesn't really feature in the story, but I wanted to have some solid background on what Ichabod is when I was writing her so I hashed up some details.)

Gee Galinda you are just too good

I keep having the thought that I could have a lot of fun writing Shark Teens as a high school story, a teen coming of age that happens to include aliens, weresharks, and Men I- er- Men Who Wear Black Suits, among many other things. It would need a bigger cast, of course, and a shift in how the story went, but man, it would be so much fun to write.

Unfortunately, high school stories tend to drag on for ages and take forever to write, and read, and I don't want to commit to that much. So I think we'll just see how I feel at the end of the first one. 

Life and death and love and birth

I've been thinking about it and I think a Discworld year might be longer than ours. Consider: there are eight days in a Discworld week, Sunday-Saturday and an Octoday as well, because Discworld is all about eight. That's fifty-two extra days in the year, assuming there's still fifty-two weeks in the year. Discworld also has extra months as well- Grune is the only one I know off my head, but I know there's a couple others. Assumig a month is still thirty-ish days, the extra month is probably where those extra days go- so, all told, a Discworld year is about fifty-two days longer. And over time... that adds up. A Discworld character who is twenty years old in our years would be.... er.... well, somewhere in their mid-twenties, anyway, on Discworld. Or maybe it's the other way around?

Clearly I didn't think this all the way through. Hmmm...

(The real question, of course, is does their physical growth change to accommodate that, or do they grow at the exact same rate? Are seventeen year olds developmentally equivalent regardless of year length, or is a seventeen year old in one verse developmentally twenty or so in another?)

I'm up all night to get some

When I started growing my cantaloupes and realized I had waaaay too many my dad was like "maybe you can sell some and make some extra money!!!" and for that one moment all the fun that had gone into growing my cantaloupes that far was sucked out. I don't want to grow things for money! I want gardening to be something I do for fun, for me, just to do it because it makes me happy. Turning it into a source of income ruins the fun and relaxation I get from that. Not everything has to be about making an income! Sometimes things can be just because they make you happy!


I'm still trying to figure out what to do for the Shark Teens plot. I know that, like, the first few chapters are going to be getting to know the boys and the setting as they get to know each other, and doing some foreshadowing with Stas's shipping chart. Then the school trip to the aquarium and Lupe gives the boys passes to come back later because 'Stasney' was so interested in everything, and the day they come back... that's where I'm fuzzy, but I'm thinking they see some kind of evidence that Ichabod is a wereshark? So they start investigating and discover Ichabod and Professor Peaches, and they think they've solved the mystery but the readers are gonna be like "what the shit we're only like ten chapters in no way it's that easy".

And then, idk, maybe people start going missing? Or something. And they're like "I thought Ichabod and Professor Peaches said they were peaceful????" and go back to the aquarium and... something. That's as far as I've gotten.

To the sta-a-a-ars

Look at these adorable losers!

I want to write a story about them but I don't really have any ideas yet. It's gonna be a cheesy teen lit novel and one of the selling points is gonna be how entirely out of touch I am with teenagers.

The edgelord in the red is Shrimpface (working nickname while I work out a proper name for him) and he loves marine biology but he's also a tiny insecure edgelord who thinks that everything about him has to be Cool and Edgy, so he doesn't talk about anything but like, sharks and other marine predators, but he also can't talk about the really cool stuff about them like how much sharks like being petted because that stuff will make him seem less cool. Also, he may have a prosthetic leg, I don't know yet.

The other one is Stanley Stallone Stasney, and he is a budding conspiracy theorist who is super progressive when it comes to things like same-sex relationships and gender roles, but that is because he is a gay (actually bi, but he doesn't know that yet) boy who likes to wear pretty feminine coded things and so those two things affect him directly. With things that don't affect him he's very much a stupid southern white boy with a lot to learn (but don't worry, he does).

Given Stas is a conspiracy theorist and Shrimp is into marine biology, maybe I'll have them discover some kind of conspiracy at the aquarium. Like a wereshark. Or something.

And our cups

Jack Frost is another MST3K movie that I really want to revamp properly. The story itself feels like several different fairy tales rolled into one, but very clumsily- it feels like the story itself is fairly solid from the lens that it is a fairy tale, but the presentation is wobbly and unstable.

For one, I think I'd create a bit of backstory between Nastenka and Ivan so that him turning up and proposing one day didn't seem so odd (especially as she knew him for about thirty seconds before giving him a list of reasons he was garbage, and all of their interactions made them seem like they knew each other). I'd make their relationship so that they knew of each other and were acquainted, but weren't particularly close, and knew each other better by reputation than anything else.

I'm not sure about any other changes, I'll have to think about it some more.

So let's raise the bar

We have a pair of thigh-high red boots that we've just started carrying at the store and since we're getting in lots of stuff for fall now I'm hoping we'll get a pair in black as well, I've always wanted a pair of thigh-high black boots so maybe it'll happen!

I've been thinking about the Overmage that I created for Brolly Mage. The Overmage is the most powerful mage in the world because they can use spirit magic (which humans aren't supposed to be able to do, since it's native to the fair realm, not the magic realm) and along with the combination of human/spirit magic being potent, it also makes them functionally immortal (or possibly just long lived, they're not actually sure about that one). They've been alive so long that they've forgotten where they're from and even what they used to look like (true transformation is an ability that comes with spirit magic so they've changed their form many times over the years, often cycling through multiple forms for a while before discarding them for something new). And they formed the mage council to oversee mages so that mages didn't get to be too powerful and start a(nother) war with mundanes. Or cause the mundanes to start a war with them, that was honestly a grey-and-grey situation and they can't even remember who technically "started" it.

And then along comes Rye, the titular character, and Rye can use spirit magic, too. And the Overmage gets wind of this and uses one of their forms (Lofty, a short, chubby beach bum character who hangs around town doing whatever) to keep an eye on him. Lofty gives Rye some advice about magic that Rye occasionally questions because "Lofty" isn't a mage. And I've been thinking about the reveal that Lofty was the Overmage all along, that he was there specifically to look after Rye, and didn't tell him, and wondering how Rye would react.

The Overmage is obviously a puppetmaster type character, though I don't know how well I can write them as one, and it's hard to know how people are going to react to a puppetmaster.

I do know that the Overmage wants to train Rye to replace them, because after about five hundred years of governing all the mages in the world they're tired, and they're still basing their governing on their knowledge of the war and they think maybe it's time to pass the reigns on to someone who actually has a personal understanding of the modern mage's way of thinking. They're aware that they've lost touch with magedom but there haven't been any other options until Rye popped up.

We've come too far to give up who we are

I've been putting MST3K on to listen to while I'm falling asleep at nights but unfortunately I keep falling asleep in the middle and when I go back later I have no idea where I left off.

I love the movie part of MST3K and I realize it's the main point, but the sketches and stuff in the middle are also really funny and a lot easier to follow so I wish there was a place I could just watch the sketches without the movie.

What is this I'm feeling?

I'm on Small Gods on my Discworld reread, and I remembered how much I loathe Vorbis- it's not just the stock-standard 'wow this character is a bad person, I hope they lose out in the end' kind of thing, there's a genuine sense of "no, consequences be damned, kill him now" the whole time he's on screen.

And I know the result of killing him when they did, and I know why it was best that Brutha wasn't responsible for his death. I know that by waiting until the moment it happened, events were able to eventuate in a way that not only removed the sort of unpleasant person who would have been replaced sooner or later anyway, they were able to put Brutha into a position to actually bring about the reforms that the Omnian church needed.

If Vorbis had died at any other point in any other way, he would have been just another murder. Someone else would have come up to take his place- less Vorbisy, perhaps, and maybe the Quisition would have been bribeable and the higher-ups would have been left alone, but nothing would have changed and the kind of environment that produced Vorbis would have still been there later, and just made another one. It's the same problem with going back in time to kill Hitler- you might prevent those specific events, but the system that allowed him to exist is still there and someone else will just take his place. You have to dismantle the system to do any good.

That was what Brutha was there for. Brutha didn't raise a hand to Vorbis, he spoke to him with pity and mercy, and everyone saw, and when Vorbis- a man everyone hated and feared more than their god himself- was killed at the moment he was, in the way he was, suddenly their belief came back and Om was given the strength he needed to prevent a holy war and instill Brutha as the head of the church and Brutha was able to dismantle the system that allowed Vorbis to exist, from the ground up.

And I know this, and I understand this, but it doesn't stop me from thinking "could you please just kill him already he deserves it just let him die" near constantly.


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